Talon.One in a Nutshell

#What is Talon.One?

Our web-application enables your marketers to program rules for loyalty, rebates and referrals. Think of it like an If This Then That optimised for marketers.

#How does it work in practice?

  1. Your customer does something significant.

  2. Your applications tells us by sending an event to our API.

  3. Our product checks if the event applies to one of the rules created by your marketers and replies with an effect back to you.

#How to start?

Start quickly with only a few events and effects. Integrate only the most significant ones now and expand over time to enable more powerful rules. Get a feeling for it at the Quick Start. You can also check out some of the more specific tutorials or our SDKs and Plugins.

#Integrate once, profit continuously

Your marketers can build multiple campaigns off of the same events. So you don’t have you to work on them twice. If your specific business case is not matched by our many predefined events, you can also very easily extend the vocabulary of events to directly fulfill your needs.