19th Nov 2020


This is a guide on integrating Selligent with Talon.one. This guide will walk you through the Selligent endpoint to create coupons.

Edit Live Content

In order to generate a coupon in Talon.One, you need to pass a few parameters into the Live Content widget in Selligent. Live Content widget you can find: Content -> click on the image -> Edit Live Content

In the opened Live Content widget, click on the Datasource selection, if you didn't create any datasource yet, then create new and we will guide you with next steps.

Next steps:

  1. Fill in the name of the datasource (e.g., Talon.One integration)
  2. Choose JSON as a Type and None for Caching
  3. Authentication: Set up an OAuth and click on the Configure button

3a. Type ApiKey-v1 in Token key field

3b. Token value = API key, which was generated for your app in Talon.One.

  1. And now you need to generate an URI with parameters, you learn how to do in the next step “Generating an URI with parameters”

Generating URI with parameters

Your Talon.One Deployment URL

Your Talon.One Application ID

Your Talon.One Campaign ID

An optional Discount Limit

An optional Start Time

An optional Expiry Time

The Selligent Campaign ID

The Recipient Integration Id that should be send to Talon.One

After successfully generating the URI with parameters, copy the URI and pass it to the “URI” field in the Live Content widget and click on Test Request button.

You should be able to see the response on the right side of the widget, which contains all your parameters, that you passed.

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Last updated on 19th Nov 2020

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