7th May 2021


The official Talon.One Python SDK can be found on GihHub. The SDK supports both the Integration API and Management API, and can be used on Python 2 or 3.

# Fill in the details of your Talon.One Application here

application_id = 15025
application_key = '41d3f05e76fd667b'

talon = integration.Client('https://mycompany.talon.one', application_id, application_key)

# When the customer registers or updates their account

talon.update_customer_profile("my_unique_profile_id", {
    "attributes": {
        "name" => "Val Kust",
        "billingAddress1": "21 Jump St."

# When the customer adds an item to their cart

result = talon.update_customer_session("my_unique_session_id", {
    "profileId": "my_unique_profile_id",
    "cartItems": [{
        "name": "Shiny Red Shoes",
        "sku": "srs_1234",
        "price": 49.99,
        "quantity": 1,
        "currency": "USD"
    "attributes": {
        "ShippingCost": 3.75
    "total": 53.74

# Track a custom event related to opened session

talon.track_event("my_unique_session_id", "viewed_promo_page", {"url": "http://example.com/summer-shoes-2016"})

# Finally you close session to finalize whole transaction

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Last updated on 7th May 2021

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