24th Feb 2021


The official Talon.One PHP SDK can be found at https://github.com/talon-one/TalonOnePHPsdk. The SDK supports both the Integration API and Management API, and can be used on PHP5 or newer.

$t = new TalonOne();
// Fill in the details of your Talon.One Application here
// (Available in developer section in Campaign Manager)
$t->subdomain = "demo";
$t->applicationId = 1;
$t->applicationKey = "fefecafedeadbeef";

$acceptCoupon = function($response, $args) {
    $coupon = $args[0];
    echo "acceptCoupon $coupon: ".print_r($response,true)."\n";

$rejectCoupon = function($response, $args) {
    $coupon = $args[0];
    echo "rejectCoupon $coupon: ".print_r($response,true)."\n";

$setDiscount = function($response, $args) {
    // This is a good spot to update discount lines in the current cart
    $label = $args[0];
    $value = $args[1];
    echo "setDiscount: $label $value ".print_r($response,true)."\n";
// Refer to http://developers.talon.one/data-model/attribute-library/ for additional attributes
$response = $t->put("customer_profiles/demo1234", array(
    'attributes' => array('Email' => 'happycustomer@example.org')

if (!$response) {
    echo "Profile update failed. Response: $response\n";
} else {
    echo "Profile updated.\n";
$response = $t->put("customer_sessions/testsession12345", array(
    'attributes' => array('BillingCity' => 'Berlin'),
    'coupon'     => 'DEMO-8FM4-WHQ8',
    'profileId'  => 'demo1234',
    'state'      => 'open'

if (!$response) {
    echo "Session update failed. Response: $response\n";
} else {
    // Register all effects you want to handle
    $t->processEffects($response, array(
        'acceptCoupon' => $acceptCoupon,
        'rejectCoupon' => $rejectCoupon,
        'setDiscount'  => $setDiscount)
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