4th Nov 2020


The Talon.One Integration API is the channel used to feed information about customer profiles, orders, and other activity into the Talon.One Rule Engine. These API requests are transformed into events for the rule engine, which are then tested against the rules of your various campaigns. The relation between the campaign manager, your application, and the rule engine can be visualized as follows:

Flow Diagram

The only coupling of your integration with campaigns is through the rule engine: the integration must send the attributes rules needed to make their decisions.

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Rule Engine

At the core of Talon.One is a flexible rule engine. This engine reacts to events (Integration API requests) by checking rule conditions and executing effects for rules that matched. The Campaign Manager application provides an easy-to-use interface for defining these rules, allowing marketers to create and deploy new campaigns with no development effort. Once the initial integration is completed and appropriate data is being sent to the Integration API, the event is pushed to the Rule Engine and the relevant effects are executed.

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