11th May 2021


Note: We recommend you read the Getting started overview, first.

Talon.One offers 2 APIs: the Management API and the Integration API. Use the Integration API to feed external information to the Talon.One rule engine.

Typical examples are:

  • order data, such as delivery address or payment information.
  • customer data, such as total sales or loyalty memberships.

Note: If you want to query and interact with the data managed by Talon.One, see the Management API.

The processing of each request is as follows:

  1. Your application sends a request via the Integration API.
  2. The request is transformed in event and sent to the rule engine.
  3. The rule engine uses this event to find the rules that match the current event.
  4. The rule engine returns the effect(s) of the matching rules to the integration layer.
  5. The integration layer applies the effect(s) as needed.

Represented visually, the relation between the Campaign Manager, your application, and the rule engine is as follows:

Flow Diagram

The only coupling of your integration with campaigns is through the rule engine: the integration must send the attributes that the rule engine requires.

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