4th Nov 2020


Getting Started

Welcome to the Talon.One developer documentation. Here you can find guides, tutorials, SDKs and reference documentation to help you effectively integrate Talon.One.

Talon.One is a comprehensive solution for creating, deploying, and tracking incentivized buying campaigns. Talon.One provides you with a one-stop shop for managing coupon codes, loyalty programs, and referral rewards. At its core is our flexible Rule Engine coupled with our easy-to-use Campaign Manager.

Understanding Talon.One in 2 minutes

Enough marketing-talk? Quickly grasp what Talon.One is in a nutshell . Try out Talon.One in 5 minutes Make your first API requests to see how our Integration and Management APIs work together to enable powerful campaign logic & reporting.

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Last updated on 4th Nov 2020

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