24th Feb 2021


Integration with Talon.One consists in feeding data to the Campaign Manager and applying the effects that Talon.One returns.

Understanding how to integrate relies on some basic understanding of the rules of the Campaign Manager. For more information, see the end-user help center.

As an integrator, you interact with the rule engine that is part of the Campaign Manager.

The rule engine

All rules defined in the Campaign Manager are stored in Talon.One's rule engine.

The rule engine expects events coming from your system. When the rule engine receives an event, for instance a new customer profile has been created, it checks which rules must be applied.

For each rule to be applied, the rule engine returns the rule's effects, such as give a 10% discount to the customer.

Sending events to the rule engine and applying the effects it returned are the aim of the integration layer. To do this, use one of the following APIs:

Example scenario

In this example, let's imagine a company selling bikes through an e-commerce website.

  1. A marketer has created the following rule in the Campaign Manager: every valid coupon code gives an immediate 20% discount.
  2. A shopper adds a coupon code to their cart. This is an event.
  3. The integration layer between this e-commerce app and Talon.One sends the details of the event. In this case, the coupon code is what matters.
  4. Talon.One's rule engine checks if the event applies to one of the rules created by your marketers. Let's imagine the coupon code is valid. The rule engine sends the rule's effects to the integration layer. In our case, apply a 20% discount.
  5. You e-commerce apps reacts by effectively applying the discount.

First steps

To start integrating with Talon.One:

  1. Learn about the various concepts used in the platform:

  2. Look at the integration checklist.

  3. See an example of basic integration.
  4. See the available SDKs and plugins

Test the API

Integrate once, profit continuously

Your marketers can build multiple campaigns off of the same events, so you don’t have you to work on them twice.

If your specific business case isn't represented by Talon.One's provided events, you can extend the vocabulary of events to directly fulfill your needs.

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