2nd Jan 2019


How can I view all possible campaign effects?

Campaign effects can be viewed in the Rule Engine, or the list of rulesets can be called with a getRulesets request.

How can I customize coupons with individual attributes?

In the Attributes section of the Developer Tools, you can create a new attribute with an Associated Entity of Coupon. This makes the attribute a coupon attribute. You should enter the remainder of the necessary information and save your new attribute. Next you should create your desired coupons. In the Rule Engine, you can create a rule with conditions on coupon validation and your custom attribute. This allows you to trigger effects based on the attribute of your coupon.

What is the database/server infrastructure of Talon.One?

Each customer's data is completely isolated from others. Each customer has triple redundant deployment instances of the Talon.One API and application server for data protection. At the database level, Talon.One uses twice redundant servers in warm-standby to ensure high avaliablility of the API. A more detailed description can be found here.

Why doesn't Talon.One support Google Tag Manager?

It is not a good idea to only use Talon.One via the browser for a few reasons.

  1. Requests from browsers can easily be falsified. Traffic from browsers cannot necessarily be trusted. For instance, a customer could easily send a fake request to a game promotion claiming they are someone else.
  2. When discounts are applied to orders and item prices, these actions are managed by your server. Since a server call has to be made, Talon.One cannot only be called via the browser.

You can track special actions with browser Javascript in Talon.One if necessary. However, you do not want to reward customers for behavior they can easily fake.

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